SEASIDE STRONG news – Seaside Heights, NJ Office of the Mayor reports 5.10.2020 – Mayor Anthony E. Vaz announced today an initial plan for phasing in the reopening of the Seaside Heights Beach & Boardwalk.

“Our team met yesterday and finalized an initial plan that will take us through June 30th.  Although we believe many of the restrictions will remain in place for the entire summer, we are still patiently waiting, well perhaps less patiently at this point, for guidance from Governor Murphy,” said Mayor Vaz. “Make no mistake about it, our beach and boardwalk operations will be very different from past years. In addition to whatever restrictions are imposed by state government on restaurants, bars, retail stores and amusements, we have the added problem at the local government level of a likely and substantial loss of revenue that has led to a reduction in manpower resources. This means less beach attendants, less lifeguards and less seasonal laborers.  Many of the restrictions that we have developed arise from the budget crisis we are working through. And we cannot sustain beach and boardwalk operations on the backs of local taxpayers.  Nonetheless, we will work hard to give our visitors a worthwhile experience but we ask for everybody’s continued patience and understanding,” added Vaz.

Seaside Heights Emergency Management Coordinator, Erik Hershey, added “We will be very prepared to seek compliance from visitors. But please, everybody, do your part to comply with our restrictions, use social distancing, and help stop the spread of COVID-19 while supporting local businesses. We can accomplish both if we all accept personal responsibility for our behavior.”